Too Much

You had to go. I remember the time your tent twisted up in a wind storm late at night and I screamed, ‘She is going to be destroyed’. G backed you out under the stars, I walked around with a flashlight looking for scars praying. You seduced me with your white leather seats, mood lights; […]


I love quotes. Here’s one by Flaubert, ‘Be regular and orderly in your life so that you may be violent and original in your work.’ This sits on my desk held by a cross-eyed cat. When I think my life is dull I replace the word dull with orderly so I can let my imagination loose with […]


A wizened old woman holding a cardboard sign, ‘104 years old trying to get a million likes’; a bombed out city I can’t pronounce, body pieces, need your help; a disfigured child, share and pray for me. I’m derailed. I had this job one summer.   Please take this butter to my sister they don’t […]


Little silver needles, a French pattern, fingering merino/possum yarn. Two millimeter needles are bird bones. Eighty one stitches make me blind. I braille knit to keep the stitches from sliding into oblivion. This new language of wool. A faerie dress.   Who sits with a possum, combing fur to spin, playing dead. I see it […]


I learned to knit. I wanted something to do when G and I drink. Something I could do with minimum supplies, a dog in my lap, music playing, G telling me about his day and wine. So I thought a ball of wool and needles. My grandmother was a knitter. She never touched a drink; […]


We follow the tracks of a snowmobile, the Russel and I on a frozen sidewalk. We head toward the river, a farm fence on the left. Rose stiffens and sniffs the air. Impaled on a metal post is a deer head. The eyes glazed and open, tongue swollen to one side, the ears soft and […]