A little rain. A mug of good coffee. Green view of morning. G across from me, the two fluffy cats and the small dog. Then horrible news I can do nothing with. A van has driven into people, rampage killing. I hear this. I look out into the woods. The rain will stop […]


I am ten in a white dress, confirmed in the Anglican church. I hold a white leather bible my mother has given me. It has a zipper like a tiny suitcase. I unzip it and see gold. The gold is cool, slippery and keeps the pages from opening. I split the gold with my thumb […]


Life is an illusion, particles moving so fast I can feel her bones and fur. Seventeen years she has purred for us, walked to the river, touch, touch, touch, G’s arm while he sits beside her. I’m here she says. A spiral down. Old cat all of a sudden. I give her my chair and […]


  It was all green then snow fell confusing the birds. I put my boots on, go out in pajamas to fill the feeders. I stand at the window and watch birds fill the air, drop, spiral, land, lift off, flutter mid flight. Squirrels come; all of them eating. Not enough so I pull on […]

Too Much

You had to go. I remember the time your tent twisted up in a wind storm late at night and I screamed, ‘She is going to be destroyed’. G backed you out under the stars, I walked around with a flashlight looking for scars praying. You seduced me with your white leather seats, mood lights; […]


I love quotes. Here’s one by Flaubert, ‘Be regular and orderly in your life so that you may be violent and original in your work.’ This sits on my desk held by a cross-eyed cat. When I think my life is dull I replace the word dull with orderly so I can let my imagination loose with […]