I Woke to This



You have a day. Now it is the next. One sweet day after the other.

G said to me this morning after coffee, ‘We are going to have fun today’ and off he went for his bike exercise. This word ‘FUN’ stops me in my tracks. I know satisfaction, I know contentment but FUN. G and I laugh a lot. Is this FUN.

Adult life seems like work. There is satisfaction after a day in the garden, after a hike in the fields, after preparing a meal for company. It is satisfying to fill in all the spaces on a cryptic crossword and contentment after a finished creature.

I google Ted Talks about FUN and Fund Raising is the closest I get.

FUN: enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure

G is a bit defensive when I bring up the word FUN.

I walk in my room, see the beginning of something felted and I am amused. The large rabbit sitting in the wicker chair gives me pleasure.



Fun Fair, Fun house, Funny bone, Funny face.

I get it now. It’s only an adjective not a feeling or a place to go.

It has nothing to do with the one sweet day I have after the other.

xo LA



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