Too Much

You had to go. I remember the time your tent twisted up in a wind storm late at night and I screamed, ‘She is going to be destroyed’. G backed you out under the stars, I walked around with a flashlight looking for scars praying. You seduced me with your white leather seats, mood lights; the way people spoke to me so they could be close to you. Your music was so intoxicating I would head out for milk and drive to Florida.’ Where are you’, yelled G over my synced blue tooth phone that cut through Beck and drove me onto the shoulder. ‘Somewhere’,  was all I could say.

I couldn’t let you play with my life any longer.

I need to drive but not with this narcissistic embrace, the careful route, steady planting of wheels either side of potholes, like a woman wading through mud in heels. Forgive me darling car but you were too much. I became vivid and too fast for my own good, you were like driving naked gulping champagne.

She loves you now, saw you and was smitten. I watched her bag up all her money to have you.

Just like I did.



xo LA


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