I love quotes. Here’s one by Flaubert, ‘Be regular and orderly in your life so that you may be violent and original in your work.’ This sits on my desk held by a cross-eyed cat. When I think my life is dull I replace the word dull with orderly so I can let my imagination loose with out reining it in. I let it tear the place apart.

This one, by anonymous, ‘In our twenties and thirties we try hard to be perfect, because we are so worried what people will think of us. In our forties and fifties, we start to be free because we don’t give a damn what people think of us. But in your sixties and seventies you finally realize this liberating truth……….nobody was ever thinking about you, anyhow.’  What a shock. What license.

My quote, ‘Inertia is the enemy of life.’  I tell myself, do something, write something, make something, nobodies looking. It’s the antidote if I can just make myself move.

I follow two women. We form a wonky triangle in the world. I peak into the glow of hearts they have cracked open. Both are brave and have put their words, photos and creations out in the open where life can take shots. Sophie is relentlessly creative and Susan has relentless courage. I look for them, I miss them, I applaud them. I open my door, my heart in the warmth of this stream of inspiration and unspoken conversation.

Dylan Thomas said, ‘Don’t open a book, open a window.’ 

xo LA




  1. LA, thank you xx This post, your writing, is like the key I’ve been waiting for to open the cage I’ve had myself in most of my life. You my friend, are fearless.


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