Morning coffee, a cozy fire, the river frozen over. I read and sip, G sips and surfs. Oh, he says, Happy Valentines. What day is it, I ask. Oh maybe it was yesterday, oh no it’s the 14th it’s today G says.

Hmmmm I’m thinking. I hate made-up days of expectation. Who loves me, who doesn’t love me, where’s my flowers where’s my candle lit dinner.

G doesn’t do presents. I used to do presents but I don’t anymore. You give because you want to get.

We are listening to our morning play list. I get all dreamy listening. G says, you love this song, it’s one of your favorites. I cock my head, I love this song so much. I know you do. G stands up, ready for another coffee? Uh huh, I hand him my cup. He steps over a sleeping cat and puts my cup carefully beside my book. It’s milky and perfect. G puts another log on the fire. This is my life. Valentines day every day.

xo LA






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