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I Woke to This

  You have a day. Now it is the next. One sweet day after the other. G said to me this morning after coffee, ‘We are going to have fun today’ and off he went for his bike exercise. This word ‘FUN’ stops me in my tracks. I know satisfaction, I know contentment but FUN. […]


Minimalism is Subtraction for the Sake of Focus   I purge. I live on a white sheet. The word ‘Free’ on a wall. A book with blank pages. A pen that always has ink. One wall is window, I  face this way. My library is on a device. Bleached bones, a shore line dragged clean. […]


Rose came like a murmuration, first distant then filling the air, settling on trees and the roof of the house. I knew her name immediately, Rose and then the stucco cottage, wood floors scattered with thin rugs. Her door opened to gardens, unkempt and wild. The stucco walls held old climbing roses with trellis barely […]


Yolanda is a lovely long legged beauty who enjoys quiet contemplation and thoughts of world peace. Although Yolanda is quite adept at yoga she prefers a good book and a bottle of wine. She can often be found playing the Hokey Pokey with her friends. Here you can see Yolanda putting the ‘left leg in.’ […]

A Name

Each blade of grass whispers to the other.  The name was ether borne. G held it. ‘Iolanthe’ he said one morning and I cocked my head. I didn’t know this word.  She was waiting in the studio naked. Spell it.  I-O-L-A-N-T-H-E Why did you say this. G, ‘Gilbert & Sullivan, the music’. It’s her name. […]


She sits waiting. This is the mesmerizing part. She did not exist. Now she watches and waits. I can turn off the lights, walk through the garden, pass by the bird feeders, call the dog and walk up the stairs. I can eat dinner, watch a movie, drink wine and go to bed. Next morning […]